All creations are based on textile fibers with the addition of various materials.

The human body is the inspiration of contemporary jewelry creating its own language to express the identity of the artist. Each piece proposes experiences with the materials to be thought of, felt and touched. The philosophy of HANDMADE products is that of creating every piece with love and passion, using embroidery and knitting to connect us to our culture. Its organic form and structure illustrates a sensitive language that goes hand in hand with responsable and sustainable design, committed to the welfare of our environment. Each piece links the person to their surroundings – one of the richest topics in contemporary art, telling a natural and organic story, as pure as women’s beauty.

Busularo works with different natural fibers (silk, alpaca, raffia, paper) as well as the UpCycling concept.

Busularo is the brand created by designer and artist Carla Busularo highlighting responsible and sustainable design. Each piece links the person to their surroundings, one of the richest topics in contemporary art, telling a natural and organic story, as pure as women´s beauty.


Creating this jewelry and creating a brand such as Busularo means reaffirming the concept of design d’auteur. Each piece is thought of, felt, and reflective upon. Each piece shows what is happening in nature. It shows how to take care of the environment by using natural materials. It shows how to wear a piece that talks about oneself. This is designs d´auteur: capture identities and share them. 

Carla Busularo studied Textile Design at the University of Buenos Aires and perfected her studies with: costume design, image consultant, fashion stylist and photography.

Carla create Busularo´s  Design Studio at 2009 and then she began to create his brand dedicated to the art of textile jewelry in 2011. Busularo is a author brand.

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